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Country Jaggery Powder - 1Kg

Country Jaggery Powder - 1Kg

₹120.00 Regular Price
₹110.00Sale Price

Sanjeevi Country Jaggery (Naatu Sakkarai), also known as country sugar, is an organic form of white sugar. It does not contain any chemical additives. Unlike the processing of brown sugar in which the molasses are added/reintroduced to retain colour, nattu sakkarai is processed differently allowing it to retain its original, natural nutrients. The processing of Ecocare nattu sakkaria is chemical free, retain its nutrients and stays true to organic products, with the sugarcane it is sourced from being organic as well.This type of sugar is one of the best forms for consumption, a better and healthier substitute to white sugar. There are no negative effects to nattu sakkarai and you do not lose out on the taste that sugars should be.

  • Health Benefits

    •  Rich in iron and calcium
    •  Improves bone strength
    •  Reduces hair fall and prevent dandruff
    •  Prevents knee and joint pain
    •  Helps against diabetes
  • How to use

    There are several tasty ways to include Country Jaggery in your diet. Here are some tips on how to use jaggery powder to enhance the taste of some commonly consumed foods:

    Country can be used the same way you use your everyday sugar. There are no special instructions for it. This is the best option for the health conscious, children and can also be used by diabetics.

    Jaggery allows you to indulge your sweet-cravings without having to compromise on your health. Organic jaggery has the added benefit of being completely devoid of harmful chemicals that are otherwise used during cultivation and processing. 

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